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Starting my 2012 4th of July Display Plans I will be ordering White lights here soon I already have blue and red

this year will be simple a few lights here and there

And I need to get new outdoor speakers and My plans was to turn the display on June 20th so we'll see how that goes

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I've been building a 5ft x 10ft American Flag with each star and stripe individually controlled and every time I get started....I have to stop and go fix something non-LOR related then its to dark to continue

I have all the materials sitting in boxes in the "Holiday Hut" but no time

Then at night when I get about an hour to work on my sequences and I don't get motivated enough to do July 4th sequences and I end up working on a new Halloween sequence or Christmas, or waste more time doctoring up old album covers for my avatars

<----------------------- Boston's Debut Album, for the generation that missed the 70's

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wasn't able to get mine "live" until July 1st. played all week 1st thru 8th, off 9th-12th, back on 13-15th, then off until Halloween!

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