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I see that it looks like I need two extra components for any add ons, motherboard and daughterboard. However lookomg at the ServoDog, I do not see anything that says I need any other board. Is this correct? I can add a ServoDog directly to my main LOR controller (S3) with no additional hardware other than the usual data connection cable?

Second, am I going down the right road here with the ServoDog? I created a talking Bucky Skull with a servo and I am thinking about creating a 3 axis control for the head movement. I plan to use it for Halloween AND Christmas by simply changing costumes and adding a Santa or Elf mask. So I am thinking I can use the ServoDog to control the servos for the various movements.

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Correct, no other board needed, and it will run on LOR or DMX...

All you need is a DC power supply and you're good to go...

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Thanks Randy. That is some good news for me and it helps me make a purchasing decision. I was going to purchase the audio/servo control board for the Bucky Skull but now I think I would make a better purchase with the ServoDog. This would allow more than one Bucky to run. I had three singing pumpkins in the past for Halloween so maybe I will create singing skulls this time.

I had seen a video last year of some singing heads or pumpkins and a seperate head that would tell some one liners between songs but I can not find it to study anymore so I was thinking of creating my own version from scratch along the same idea. However maybe the skulls would work out better for me and still allow the one liners between songs AND the singing heads. With the 8 seperate channels to use, I could expand the singing heads to 4 or 5 as per the original Disney version and add the narrator leaving me a couple extra channels for head movements.

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