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Your Display!

A suggestion made a couple of years ago by an attendee was to submit a photo(s) or short video of your display since many of us never get the opportunity to see others during the busy holiday season.

We would like to see if while you are on the website registering, if you would please click on the "contact us" page and submit yours to us so we can put them on display at the event itself!

Not only is it a great way to share, but it can be very helpful for getting ideas and discussion.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" :P

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We WILL be having the "White Elephant" gift exchange at ICE this year.
If you have never been part of one, the concept is simple and it ends up being quite fun!

1. Decide if you want to take part... it is totally voluntary, so there is no pressure to participate.

2. Look through your "inventory" and pick something (or things) that you feel like you will not use yourself, but someone else may cherish. Christmas or decorating related is suggested of course...

3. "But Bob, how much should the gift be worth?"
The question always comes up, and there is no right or wrong answer in my book.
It isn't about $$... it is about the fun (and knowing that you might even get something you would really enjoy as well!)

4. Wrap it up as best you you can to conceal the contents. Newspaper, duct tape, tarps, hotel towels, USPS boxes (used of course), gift wrap, pillow cases, Light-O-Rama enclosures, etc. are perfectly acceptable wrapping methods.
Do NOT put your name on it. If you think it is needed you may put a suggestion on it... like: "For a lady" or "External use only"... to either help get it to someone who might enjoy it, or to REALLY have fun when the recipient opens it. :cool:

The concept is for people to NOT know what they are selecting, or who it is from. (You can tell afterwords...if you want)

5. If you bring a gift, you will get a gift...

6. "Stealing" is allowed AND encouraged...
2 steals and a gift is dead. No one can steal it after that... if it sounds confusing, we will explain it in more detail at the event... Trust me it can get fun!


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Don't forget about all the great vendors that will be at ICE this year!

Be sure to bring some extra cash to get some great stuff at great prices! :D

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A reminder...

Be sure to register by June 24th in order to receive your very own Limited Edition ICE 2012 shirt!

You can register up to and including the day of the event... but if you register after the above... no shirt for you.


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One of the sessions this year will be taking some of your skills and how to use them to do a great Halloween display...
What a better excuse to get some of your wiring done early?


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Moderated Discussion groups... bring your questions AND your answers this year!

It is time to not only learn from the person with the PowerPoint and the microphone, but from each other as well. The only silly question is the one you don't ask...

Art vs. Technology in the display
Using Pixels
Halloween... getting started early
Using LOR hardware
Using LOR software

PLUS.... open discussions all day long on everything from wireframes to FM transmitters and everything in between!

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I would like to take a minute to say "Thank you!" to our Sponsors this year for helping make ICE possible!


Light-O-Rama - http://www.lightorama.com

SanDevices - http://www.sandevices.com/

Suprtec Novelties, LLC - http://www.christmas-leds.com/

Creative Displays - http://www.creativedisplays.com/

Illumimax - http://www.illumimax.com/

Holiday Coro - http://www.holidaycoro.com/

Reinders - http://www.reinders.com/LED/led_home.html

Two Dog Light Store - http://twodoglightstore.com/

Winklebottoms Wire Frames - http://www.winklebottoms.com/

Displays in Motion - http://www.displaysinmotion.net/

Queens of Christmas - http://www.queensofchristmas.com/

All Things Christmas and More - http://www.allthings...masandmore.com/

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  • 2 weeks later...

With one week left until ICE, just a couple of reminders...

Don't forget the White Elephant gift exchange!

(scroll up for more info)

Registration begins at 8 AM on Saturday and the event will begin at 9

Meet and Greet Friday night at 6-6:30

There will be vendors present with AMAZING deals just for ICE attendees!

Swap meet... Bring it, trade it, sell it, buy it...

Be prepared to have fun! :)

more details at www.indianachristmas.com

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Just in from Winklebottoms Wire Frames...

Sale info for ICE:

Buy 1 frame get 1 half off -or-

Buy 2 frames get 1 free!

-Plus- an Extra 10 % off for all orders paid for at the time of order at ICE!

Half off or free frame must be equal or less value, does not include shipping or delivery.

(will travel up to 1 hr from my home to meet to deliver frames for $20.00)

Bring your sketches, photos, and ideas to discuss how to have your own custom made in the USA wireframes!


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Lunch question:

Who prefers dill pickle chips and or sliced onion on the side with thier pulled pork?

ICE: The ONLY Christmas event featuring pulled pork prepared with bbq dip from critically acclaimed Thomason's BBQ in Western KY! B)

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Man I wish I could get away to attend this! Work is killing all my fun... :(


Let me know if you need a Doctor's excuse... :(

It would be awesome to have you attend Jeff...

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So who is attending? Would be nice to meet some other Indiana People from the forum. ;)

I get to come for part of the day. :( Once again way to many commitments.

I like both Onions and Pickles :rolleyes:

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