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I had read in a couple posts that DMX support was in the works. I was wondering if this has come about or is still in the process

As I am awaiting the arrival of my first sets of CCR's & CCP's I was wondering if (assuming Super Star now works with DMX) I am thinking properly that I would be able to use SS to sequence DIY smart RGB's running on DMX. For example in the attached picture could I use SS to program the 3 DIY smart devices in the dashed box in the middle?

Any info would be appreciated as I am trying to decide how I want to setup all the new toys, and which additional devices (the DIY's mentioned above) I should consider.


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Sorry to take so long to reply. I usually get emails notifying me of new posts, but not getting them for some reason.

I had a fellow use SuperStar with his DIY lights last Christmas. My understanding is that he exported same as usually to the LOR Sequence Editor and then the Sequence Editor handled the change to DMX from there. The only issue on the SuperStar end is that the DIY controllers do not support the Pixel Resolution Macro which I use in Carol of the Bells and Wizards in Winter. I now have a DIY version of those two sequences that do not use the Pixel Resolution macro.

The fellow that did DIY said it was Ok to give out his contact information, here it is:

Mike Viola

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