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I am interested in a Light-O-Rama kit but my major concern is the English plugs. How easy is it to use in England, will an adapter be fine for the main unit?

Also, how do the outputs from the unit then connect to sets of lights?
Are kettle plugs used or American two pin plugs used? If American plugs are used, how is it easy to connect UK lights to the units and to make them safe for outdoor use?

I have searched the forum but there doesn't seem to be anything about it.

Thank you in advance and I am sure there will be more questions to follow.

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Dan is the best person to answer direct questions about LOR or even Don but if there is anything about UK usage you need to know, feel free to PM me as i have been using LOR in the UK now for 2 years.


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Thanks, after PM'ing Darren about lights in England, getting the complete starter pack might be the easiest option as getting 240v outdoor lights without transformers or with "fancy" lighting is near impossible, whereas american 110v lights are widely available on the internet. Using a transformer from 240v to 110v (used in the building industry here) would probably be the best route.
Unless someone has a good site they get English proper lights from.

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