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Hey Guys,

Well after great reviews from my neighbors and a fantastic 2006 Christmas visitor Turnout I have decided to add another 16 channels but, here's the kick my neighbor wants in on the action too.

He wants 16 channels on his side of the road tied into my show. Sooo the question is do I just buy one of these:


To link between my controllers and his? It's across the road that we are going (Less than 200 feet line of site)
Are there anything with the Wireless units that I should be aware of?

Thanks guys.
Can't wait for the LOR sale.....


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Issues in particular? Not that I know of. A quick search would probably tell you about any problems people might have had. Though, from memory I recall that most of them have been resolved.

For a distance of 200ft, I don't think you'd have a problem at all.

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