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George Simmons

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Even in a non-sexual way, you've gotta admire aspirations to be on top. However, methinks the Visualizer is over-reaching in it's efforts.

I appreciate the option of allowing the Visualizer to dominate the Sequence Editor. Having to constantly seek out the Vis and pull it out from underneath the bullying SE was tedious and aggravating.

And then not having spacebar control without first having to click on the SE, thereby making the Vis go bye-bye again was no picnic either.

But now in 3.4.0 the Visualizer is showing what I preceive as a complete lack of good humor, and I believe it's time for someone to send the Vis a PM putting it in it's place. Seriously. IMO it's more annoying and dysfunctional to have the VIS grapple for dominance, successfully and incessantly, faster than a human can click a mouse.

Is is not possible for the Vis to be allowed to have the same level of intercourse (and positioning) with the SE as the lowly Animation has?

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I often thought that but I am so happy with the new visualizer I never said anything,however since it has been stated it would be very nice to control the se from the visualizer

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I personally like this new feature, although it's taking a little time to get used to it.

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I'm sorry you feel that way George, however the option is just that -- an option. If you don't like it, go ahead and turn it off. Everything will work just like it used to.

Those with dual (or more) screens probably won't see any use for the option. For those with only a single screen, here is how I envisioned that you use the 'on top' option:

1 - Start up the Sequence Editor and maximize it.

2 - Start up the visualizer, make it WINDOWED, and set it BELOW the SE toolbar that has the PLAY/STOP buttons. Make it as wide as you want.

3 - Put the Visualizer into PLAY mode.

4 - Go do work in the SE. The Visualizer will neatly go to the back of the stack.

5 - Ready to see what you just did? Hit PLAY in the SE. The first bit of data that comes in will pop the Vis to the TOP of the stack and it will stay there. Since you moved the Vis BELOW the SE toolbar, you'll be able to hit STOP.

6 - The Visualizer should be pretty close to being current on data, so pressing the stop button should bring the SE back to the top and it should stay there. If the Vis remains on top, or if it pops back up, then it was still processing data. Just click the SE again and you should be all set.

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