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Chris B

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Trying to create 8 mini trees with only 2 colors- red and green. However it only allows 4 bundles as a minimum. Im also wrapping the mini tree around the bottom all the way up instead of "edge to center" or "wedge". I have created a template in the sequencer so that contoller 3 channel 1 = red and controller 3 channel 2 = green. I plan to do that for all 8 of course changing channels/circuit number. But with 4 bundles it is putting in 4 channels to use?? I tried to duplicate channels but when importing to superstar it says duplicate or unassigned channels will be drawn in gray and it does. How do I make a 2 channel mini tree look right in the visualizer? Thanks Chris

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Mega Trees are not Mini Trees. Instead, use one of the 'Mini Tree' props in the sticky at the top of this forum, or hand-draw one.

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