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Ralph D

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I own and cybermax fm+ transmitter. it does NOT have RDS. I'm looking to upgrade and wanted to see if anyone might want to buy it. I bought it from pcs electronics, its like new and only gets used during xmas season.all I do is plug it into the headphone jacks of my computer, connect the antenna to it, and I'm done. now i will tell you it has way more power then anyone will ever need and just for kicks once a season i max out my transmitting signal and at best it can transmit 8 to 9 miles, without static interference, and the stereo signal is beautiful. keep in mind you have to have the proper antenna tuned correctly for your radio station, and high enough in the air to be able to deal with your surrounding terrain, powerlines etc. if all conditions were taken into consideration you could really get some great distance on your signal. BUT i keep the the power very low and make sure it only goes a few blocks all around my house. if you are interested PM me and we can discuss price.

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