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Numerous Problems using SuperStar with Visualizations


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I had a really hard time with this scenario last winter and was able to workaround the problem by not using any visualizations...which made it difficult. I was relieved to see that the latest software update fixed some of the problems. However, it still doesn't work. Hopefully there is something rather simple that I am doing wrong.

I have 4 CCRs configured as a half-height 180 degree mega tree...this means I have 8 25-pixel strands with the CCR controllers located on the bottom.

Using the Visualizer, I ran the Mega Tree Wizard with the following config: 50x100 size, 180 degree tree, 'Edge to Center' fixtures, first bundle=left, 8 fixtures, density=1, counter-clockwise, CCR, Pixels/bundle=25. I then configure fixture #1 to start at pixel 1, base unit=1 and resolution of 50 pixels. Fixture 2 is the second half and is configured to start at pixel 26, base unit=1 and the resolution option is grayed-out.

I then import the visualizion into SuperStar with scrunch deselected and a grid layout type of sorted by Fixture.

These are all the problems:

  1. The visualization is displayed perfectly, however the grid layout is horizontal (8 rows, 25 columns) and bass-ackwards of what one would expect...the first row is the right-most fixture. While I can workaround this logically, drawing mode is a pain because everything is reversed and drawing with your head tilted sideways isn't fun. :-)

  1. In this configuration I cannot export the sequence because it says my 4 CCR license is insufficient and that I can only have four green rows and that I need to re-import the visualization in scrunch mode (which doesn't solve the problem). I can get the export to work by changing the layout out of visualization mode.

  1. Once I do export the sequence and attempt to play back the visualization, it doesn't appear as expected. For example, a morph that is configured to go top-to-bottom ends up with half going up and the other half alternating down.

  1. I tried setting the initial visualization resolution to 25 for the first, third, fifth and seventh fixtures but SuperStar importer fails with a message saying the resolution must be 50.

What I would expect:
Assuming that I created the visualization correctly, I would expect that the SuperStar grid associated with the visualization is portrayed in a similar manner. This means that since my mega tree contains 8 columns of 25 rows (pixels) that the grid should be the same with the upper-left-most pixel representing the upper-leftmost square on the grid. Since my license supports 4 CCRs and I am controlling 4 CCRs, I should be able to export...perhaps it might be better to check the number of squares in the grid (i.e., 200) rather than the number of rows.


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It is good to hear you are using an imported visualization. There are so many ways that lights can be displayed, there are many layouts that have not been tested. I also welcome input on how it is expected it should all work.

I will try to address all the concerns you mention. First it would be best for me to get a copy of your visualization and see exactly what is happening. Please zip up your .lee file and email it to brian@superstarlights.com. The .lee files are located at Visualizations Editor

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S3 version 3.4.0 has been released. The release includes a fix in SuperStar so that export limit when in visualization mode is based on number of channels. For example, if you have the 2 CCR license, the export limit is 300 channels.

I am working on the other problems you experienced in a visualization with half CCRs. It is going to take me a while to address those.

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