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ken collins

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So, I was building a sequence with the super star software a couple days ago, closed the file, after saving, and today when I went back to it to continue programing, I get a window that says Super star file has stopped working. Anybody run into this before?

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Before it was a part of S3 the SuperStar Sequencer was distributed using a service called Software Defender. A few days ago I discontinued my monthly payments to Software Defender. If you are using the pre-S3 version then that is why it is no longer working.

As an original SuperStar customer, Light-O-Rama will honor the license level you have. Contact LOR customer support and they will take care of it.

The S3 version has some new features including the ability to use mp3 audio files. It is worth the download.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

-Brian Bruderer

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