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The final show just finished playing and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of the PC members that have helped me through my first year with LOR and for all the help that I'm sure I'll get in the next year as I make my display up to 32 channels next year from 16 this year.

All you LOR folks have been wonderful and once again THANK YOU


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My final show ended last night...It wouldn't work period today...so I just shut it off. Nobody ever stops anyway...only this person from my church wanted to see it last minute tonight...and I was like...You had all of December to see it! It's broken right now...they weren't very happy.

I have to fix it b/c when I plug it in, the LED doesn't go on. I'll have a look at it in the New Year.

I also want to thank everyone at Light-O-Rama as well as the folks around here for helping me get started and helping me have a wonderful ( but small) show.

Happy New Yaer! 70 minutes left!

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