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Possible Led Light Kits for Wire Frame D’Lites Pumpkin Faces


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I’m in the process of possibility providing LED Strips to be used on my wireframes and the first ones will be for the Jack-O-Lantern Eyes and Mouths only.

Here is what will be provided in the kits;
12 Volt - Orange 3528 Waterproof Flexible Strip - pre-cut
White 3/8" Shrink tubing – 1’
200 - 4" Wire ties
4 Conductor wire – 15’ (Can be split into two pair)

The price range that I looking at is from $110.00 to 120.00 for the kits.

Please send me a PM or a email and let me know what you think. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks for looking,

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A pic of the finished product would be great. i have found that what i see as a pumpkin face doesn't come close to what others see. Maybe its just me. :D

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Here are some pictures show how they fit on the frame and look lit up. This is not the color that I will provide in the kits.


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I have not put them there yet. Please send me a email at info@wireframedlites.com and tell me which frame you are going to order. I will send you a invoice.

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