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I have S-3 advanced. Added 2 sets of CCF's today and started playing. I have all floods woking with color changes and blends. (very basic stuff)

Is there anyone out here who has an RGB pallet that shows the values of the RGB to attin certaiin colors?

I am curently doing a fade up and fade down to atting the blends but if I want to have teal for exampl....what values do I use?

Also.....I know channel 4,5,9, and 10 are for strobing. But what do you actually put into the sequence to initiate and time a strobe effect? The guide says the strobing is variable but whaat is it that you actually put in on those channes to make the strobe effect?????


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magish01 wrote:

Anyone have an RGB colormix that looks like warm white incandescent lights

Check this site out
and this one
and one more just cuz

I think it really depends on which RGB element you have.
Each one will give off a slightly different color...
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