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The Impact of led lighting


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just some interesting facts

last year (2010) my display porbably was about 5% led and used about 12 - 13 amps of power I think I had about 5000 lights

This year (2011) my display expanded majorally and I am using about 40 - 50 % led lights and am still pulling 12 amps if it was all incandecent I estimated that I will be pulling about 25 amps of power I had about 7500 lights

My mega tree pulls the most power 16 100 ct incan strings about 6 amps total about 720 VA
plus I have about another 14 some odd 100 ct incan strings that are going to be replaced with leds this year My goal for 2012 is to get my display pulling less that 8 amps (960 watts) or at least 10 amps with over 10,000 lights which is possible if I conver the mega and make all new items led I am still figuring this planned project out

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while my 2011 display was small compared to most it was 98% led never did the current draw thing when i compared my 2011 elect. bill to the one for 2010( no display )it only cost me 30 bucks to run it 35 days price to see a smile on a child's face priceless with my portable power panel having the captaincy of providing me 100 amps in my front yard i have got the ability to expand the display for many more years to come adding rgb and pixels this year

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