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Regarding static lights, X-10, and LOR

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batmanskier wrote:

Tim, you seem to be a heavy user of both X10 and LOR. As I've mentioned in other posts, I use x10 and the old activehome software to control my house lights. I started playing with LOR to control them and was wondering how you get the lights to stay on. I'll give you an example. I would like my static display and general purpose lights to come on at dusk (lets just use 4:00PM for now). I would like my 'show' to start at 8:00 and end at 10:00. All during the show, I would like the static to remain on. After the show, I would like the static to stay on till midnight. How would you suggest I do this?

You'd create a one-minute animated sequence with a channel for each X-10 address (e.g. a-1, c-5, etc). You only need one timing event for the entire minute, and make sure it's on. Save it to a file called "static"

Then, schedule this sequence as the background sequence in the show editor.

For the 10pm-12pm category, you need to do the following:
1) Create an empty animation sequence. You don't need any events or channel info in it at all. Save it to a file called "placeholder". I'll explain why coming up...
2) Create a new show called "after hours" or the like. Add your "static" sequence as the background sequence. Then, go to the animation tab and add the "placeholder" sequence. The reason you need this is there's currently a bug in LOR that it expects you to have something in either the musical or animation parts of the show. If you only have a background sequence, your static lights will blink off and back on every minute.
3) Schedule this show from 10pm-12am daily.

This will now do what you want, with the following caveat: When your main show stops at 10pm, the static lights will go off. They will immediatly go back on (within a few seconds) when the 10pm after hours show starts. Unfortunately this is unavoidable with the current LOR software. Dan has promised that this will be addressed in the next version of LOR.

Hope that helps,

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