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Missing Controller Feature


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eurbani wrote:

I came across this old thread... http://forums.lightorama.com/view_topic.php?id=15909&forum_id=72 but I don't see anything in the help files or forum about it.

Is there a missing controller feature? If so,where do I find information about implementing it?
Guess I don't know why you think it is missing?

In that thread it was SUGGESTED it might be a nice feature, but no (as fas as i know) it is not a current feature.

If you think it is a good idea, as always, send your requests to wishlist@lightorama.com.

Usually, if they get enough requests for the same feature, then they MIGHT consider it... B)
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whoops...just saw a post from Dan where you would think it was a current feature:

A couple of things:

The next release of LOR software (will be out in March) has the ability to select NC or NO for inputs on a per-input basis.

Later this year there will be a "Controller is missing" alarm capability.


guess someone from LOR will have to answer this one...

and I'll go back to my cave and shut up... :cool:

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Thanks Jeff. I was hoping for the feature, but I can understand how you did this (sort of) I'm sure it will make more sense once I set it up.

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