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Windows 7 Visualizer 3.2.0 Default Program work-around


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With the release of 3.2.4, the error that this work-around addressed has been resolved. You should install 3.2.4 rather than follow this procedure.


If you are running Windows 7 along with Visualizer 3.2.0 each time you start the Visualizer you may be prompted 'LOR Visualizer is not the default program for opening .LEE (Visualizer) files.'.

If that is the case, please follow the following steps to work around the error:

The .lee file association may not be working in Windows 7, because of changes Microsoft made to the way UAC works.

1 - Start up the visualizer. If it asks to associcate, just say YES.

2 - Go into File/Options/Settings. On Tab 1 General, in the Misc Options section, make sure that 'Check File associations at startup' is CHECKED. You may have disabled this to stop the error message previously. The fix requires that this be turned ON.

3 - Hit OK, then exit the visualizer.

4 - Hit the Windows START button, then All Programs, then 'Light-O-Rama'. Now RIGHT click on the 'Light-O-Rama Visualizer' entry and go to PROPERTIES.

5 - Go to the 'Compatibility' tab, and at the bottom select 'Run this program as an administrator'. If you can not select this option, you need to log into Windows with an administrator account.

6 - Press OK.

7 - Now start the Visualizer again. You will be asked "Do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher to make changes to your computer?" Say YES.

8 - You'll get the 'Do you want to associate .lee' files prompt again. Say YES (for the last time! I Promise!)

9 - The Visualizer starts. Go ahead and close it.

That will set the association the correct way. You should now turn OFF the 'Run as administrator' option (we don't need it anymore). Do that by repeating steps 4-6, except this time REMOVE the check mark.

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