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Video clips of arches and mega tree


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Hi I'm looking for videos of arches and mega trees that you guys have made from 5050 rgb strips so I can see the outcome of what I'm trying to make

I've ordered 150 and 300 led 5m so I would like to see the difference between the 2

Looking toward to seeing your work

Thanks dan

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I also ordered both 150 and 300 led strips (also waterproof and non waterproof). In my case I found of course the 300 to be brighter but not twice as bright (does did not show the comparison due to limitaions of the camera). I did find a BIG difference in the waterproof - vs - non waterproof. The non waterproof are much more fragile due to the lack of thick silicone covering. At this point I am about to order about 15 of the 300 wateroroof (5 meter). (I also have a couple of CCR' which are great. Love to see the results of your test as well.

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