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IP65 vs IP67 vs IP68


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so i think i am going to dive into the RGB strip for this year. I've seen varying prices depending on the IP rating (waterproof protection. From what I understand:

IP65 "can" get wet

IP67 can be submersed for a short period of time

IP68 can be continuously immersed without damage.

I don't want to spend extra money for something I won't use. I was wondering what IP rating you buy and does it work for you? what are your weather conditions? Do you wish you had bought better protected strips? Knowing what you know now, would you have spent/ not spent the money for the extra protection?

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With strips its just not the protection that makes the difference, its the material they are coated with.

a silone tube and a solid silicone coating are both waterproof but the solid silicone (rated at ip68) is far stronger and disperses light better than the silicone tube coating.

When it comes to actual pixel strings the IP rating can definetly not be correct and have seen many samples claiming to be ip67 when in fact they were less. With these i find that the resin filled pixels are best for water resistance.

So there is more to consider than just the IP rating.

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