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visual pic/fixtures not linng up

Jimmy Tobolka

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Have to say I'm impressed with learning to use visualizer. Question! I created visualizer file (.lee) on my laptop and saved to a thumb drive. I then opened the file on my netbook, after opening the fixtures displayed to the left of the proper location on the picture. I re-opened laptop and everything looked correct. Any ideal what's happening?



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my guess would be that the laptop and notebook don't have the same pixel ratio for the display...

not that I know..just guessing...

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Hope the attached picture will help explain my problem and maybe find a solution. I created a visualition on Tobisba Laptop running Vista, copied .lee to HP netbook running XP and visualizer looks good. Moved .lee to Dell laptop running XP and all the fixtures/props are out of sync. Anyone have ideal how to correct problem.

Thanks for any help.

Attached files 306902=16822-Visualizer Pic.jpg

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