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Changing config in Visualizer


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Decided to wait until now to play with S3 and the new Visualizer. Decided to use my 2011 display config because, of course, I was very familiar with it just a month ago. Not yet sure what my 2012 display will look like, but I wanted to be confident with the program before planning 2012. So far, in the Visualizer, I have created my Mega tree, spiral trees, arches, and Holdman twigs. No problem there. But then I started to think about the changes I was planning for the 2012 display, where I was going to place the controllers and the problem suddenly arose. I've played with the tutorial and tried a search on the following problem, but no luck in solving the following not-such-a-big problem.

With the old Animator, if you changed what channel controlled a particular light string in the Sequence Editor, it automatically changed the channel in the Animator. This is because the animator is hard-wired to the display-item-descriptions, not unit/channels.

However, it appears that if you now change a channel in the Editor, you also have to change it in the Visualizer. That is because the visualizer is tied to unit/channels, not item descriptions.

Am I correct in this assumption of double the work and, if so, is there anyway around this?


BTW, Is there a way to have a 90 degree arch instead of 180 degrees? Also, anyone have a good fixture/prop for the firestick/vertical pole? Kind of like a straightened out arch. Can an arch be straightened? I've got a 20' 14 channel firestick and not sure on how best to draw it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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1 - You are correct, there is no tie between the Sequence Editor and the Visualizer. Now, the good news is that a new version (which is now being tested) will allow you to update the 'key' with a reference file. IE, it will allow you to match on channel NAME, and then update Device/Net/Unit/Circuit. Short answer: Name your channels IDENTICALLY in the Sequence Editor and the Visualizer (perhaps by using a reference file), and future updates are easy.

2 - Bob is correct. Take a look at the fixtures and props sticky.

3 - A 'pole' wizard is on the wishlist.

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