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subsequeCCR's in visualizer aren't as bright and superstar sequence plays out of sync


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Interestingly it doesn't show as well in these videos as it does on the actual computer but the CCR's are very visible when viewed in the superstar sequence editor but not very bright (at least the purple colors) in the visualizer.
Worse though is that the superstar sequence (which is a sub-sequence in the LOR sequence editor, i.e. "new channel" , "device type = sequence" starts to play normally and then not very far in (about 45 seconds to minute) the timing goes off and stays off the rest of the song.
I never had these issues using the old "view animation" in the sequence editor.
I like the look and versatility of the visualizer but I don't know why it won't work properly.
Here is a look at the video in the superstar sequence editor and then in the visualizer. (I don't know why but the animation in the superstar sequence editor looks much brighter on my computer screen than it showed up in my video)

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