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maybe someone here can help me i hope bryan sees this is there a file or tutural some where that will dumb down the use of superstar so a person with a less than steller schooling can understand it or have i missed something.i have tryed to read the help files till im cross eyed.when i get to the x=1 stuff im lost thanks

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If you go to http://www.superstarlights.com and click on the 'Videos' link undernneath the word 'software' there are two videos on how to do superstar text. But it of course would be good to have more videos than that, but if you watch those videos it will also help you with seeing how things are done in general, not just with text.

The tutorial.doc that used to be in the superstar software was converted to a help file, and now that same tutorial can be accessed by clicking on the Help menu and selecting 'Contents'

There are also some powerpoint presentations that you can download by going to http://www.superstarlights.com and clicking on 'Powerpoint downloads' underneath the word 'Other' There are 4 downloads, each covering a different area of the software. You would first want to use the 'SuperStar Basics' powerpoint download.

Hope this helps.

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