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Zoom / Unzoom of background image

Rick Hughes

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Now that the "season" has ended, I am finally upgrading to version 3.1.4 and am exploring the visualizer.

So I uploaded my background image and it's beautiful. And created a prop/fixture on the portion of the image being displayed. That's a beautiful thing as well. The bulbs and spacing are a perfect match to my physical C7s in the photo.

HOW can I "zoom out" to see the entire background image? I've searched for zoom/unzoom and view options and can't find anything. I have the scroll bars so I know the entire image is present ... just can't unzoom to see it all on the monitor.

Virtual prize to the first person who causes me to slap my forehead and say "Doh!"

Many thanks ...

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Your thinking along the animator where you can change the screen size on the fly, I do not believe you have that in visualizer.

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Yes, that's what I was thinking of.

HOWEVER ... I discovered this "workaround" which, although awkward, was just what I needed.

My normal monitor resolution is 1440x900 ... but I changed it to the lowest (800 x 600) which essentially provided the "Zoom in" view. I created my fixtures and was able to position them very accurately.

Then when I restored the monitor to 1440x900 everything was perfect.

So ... thanks for your help on this one.

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