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jimmy lorrain

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hey everyone, so i have printed and read through the light o rama lor160xw user manual a few times... either im blind or im not gettin it, but how do i save the sequence so i can get it into the simple show builder??? ive actually lost the sequence compleetly trying to get it there.... oh and i should say that im not the greatest computer guy. i will try and am willing to learn.... thanks for your help

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From the following link:
Scroll down to the section "Quick Start Guides". Assuming you have built a sequence, the last one "Setup and Schedule" will discuss actually building a show from it.

You may not be wanting to use the Simple Show Builder, hopefully the quick start will point you in right direction.

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There are a couple things with the Simple Show Builder that might make a sequence not show up:

(1) If you have the option at the bottom of the sequence list set to either "16 Channels" or "32 Channels", set it to "All Files" instead. The "16 Channels" and "32 Channels" are a bit misleading - they don't actually check the number of channels in the sequence; instead, they just check for "16" or "32" in the filename of the sequence.

(2) If you have selected "All Files", and it's still not showing up, then the sequence is probably not located in the default sequences directory (which is the only location that the SSB checks in). Resave it to the default sequences directory, and it should show up the next time you use the SSB.

More information on the SSB can be found here.

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I have to admit Bob, after not using the simple show builder for a year. When I went to use it this year, I was somewhat taken back till it clicked in my head. I needed to select all cause my shows had more that 16 or 32 channels. Now I see it really means that the 16 or 32 is suppose to be part of the name.
Cause we have a lot of people who are not computer savvy. I suggest that the default should be All files in future releases (if there are any). Just my 2 cents.

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