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Selling or buying a show, channel maps?

Rafter Bar R

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I've seen several shows that are free or for sale and is there a channel map that is used for this? Everyone uses a different setup and shows wouldn't be all that compatible with others setups. Just asking. Note, I am not interested in buying or selling shows.

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The 'official' channel map is here: http://www.lightorama.com/SequencesStandards.html

Now, does anyone use it for shared sequences? I'm guessing 99% of the time they do not. What generally happens is you download a shared sequence, and then modify it to work in your display. One would end up changing the channels to match their display, as well as editing the events of the sequence as they see fit.

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If you go to Tools->Channel Configuration, you'll see what the author had set up.

If you click on the "View Animation" tool icon, you will see their setup, if they did an animation layout.

You can then copy/paste what they have to your display.

Also, I generally open a new sequence for the same song, and just copy per-channel sequencing over to my display. That leave the original sequence intact for easy reference. You can also copy the downloaded sequence and modify the copy - I like having what I downloaded available for reference.

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