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THanks and lowes 50% off

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Hi every one just want to say thanks to all , I made the paper and radio with help from LOR and reading alot of the ideas and help these forums have . So thanks to all. OH yea Lowes is 50% off today on lights and holiday items.

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I went looking for a "chasing" set today with just a dial (not multifunction) for a project I still dont have done. Everyone is out or never had them this year. I did get a lightkeeper pro for 9 bucks tho.....

You know, I have found that making halloween props is a lot easier than my simple christmas train display. I had/have many misconceptions and false starts that kept the project on the table this year.

I think wireframe or colorplast is the way to go in the future (I tried to apply mini lights to a large 14 by 6 foot screen frame). First, even at 4 inches apart mini lights you need a pretty big subject to get good resolution. I ended up retracing the siloette twice. My plan for rotating wheels was to build my own racing lights from three light strings...well, these didn't line up well enough and ended up too close together and my raceing turned into more of a flashing. STRIKE TWO.

Today, decided to just buy some racing lights strings to finish the job...

SORRY, too close to christmas....no lights left...I dont really recall seeing the dial type racing style lights this year anyway...and I dont want the multifunction ones. STRIKE THREE!!!

Pretty dissapointing this year for me. Building your own light strings seems too time intensive. Also, someone (kids) ripped down part of my display two nights ago. I guess I'm glad the train wasn't up and running or I might have lost my christmas spirit..LOL

Sequence Dr. wrote:

LOL , I just bought a bundle of lights last night for next year from Lowes because of that sale.

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