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I am a newbie to lightshows. We have the LOR162LW with the MP3 player. From the documentation (and because I am just learning) I can't tell if I can use my current LED lights that are permanently mounted on our registration building in our lightshow. If I can use them, will it significantly reduce the life span? During my research I found SideGlow Cable Fiber Optics that looked interesting for our main building. We are planning on lighting our building year round but would like to use these lights as part of our holiday shows.

To cut to the chase, my question is am I limited to C7, C9's and minis with the LOR system?

Thanks for the suggestions or education.


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I am just starting in LORs and I am about to buy 32 Channels this summer and every summer. I just hit Lowe's Yesterday and got about 45 box's of 100c Mini Lights.

1) What i want to know is if, The LORs will Dim the LED lights??? i would like to get them because they last for at less 12,000 hours on DC voltage. but they cost more.

2) Also how long do the Mini lights last before bulbs start to blow???? this is why i want to go with LEDs.

Thinks for the help


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