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So I have picked up a bunch of g35 leds today. I saw that some where left over and I thought someone on here might want them. I have no need for them but I will sell them to anyone and ship them to you.

I have two g35 displays with 15 bulbs and 5 of the icicles attached all on one string. I have no clue about un wiring this but I am sure the RGB boards inside of them can be used for something. These are $10.60 dollars each. I am going to remove them from the box to ship.

Next I have 8 G35 new in box this is the 25 count LED type
They are $29.67 each.

Finally I have 2 boxes of G35s 36 count LED they are also $29.67 each.

I will be shipping from zip 25314
Please pm me if you want these items.
Buyer must pay shipping

The prices are the actualy price I paid for the itme which includes the sales tax in my area.

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Champion Sound Entertainment wrote:

are these those light show LEDs ?

Yes. I have several myself that I plan on hacking and using with the sandevices e681 controller.
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How do you hack them? I've got about 8 strands of the gemmy show lights but don't use them anymore because I have controllers and I like to sync colors

If I can hack them I might buy them to hang in my large tree so I don't need to hang a ton of strands 20-50ft up in the tree

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