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Memory Leak - Scheduled Shows


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I am new to Light-O-Rama controllers and love the devices and the software. For a newbie I managed to program 6 sequences on my own (several incorporating edited video) and had a great time surprising my wife with the light show incorporating slides of our two boys as an early Christmas present.

I also have been in software testing for more than 18 years and I have found a rather substantial memory leak in the latest S3 suite when running scheduled shows on my dedicated hp show control laptop.

I scheduled the show to run from 5:30 to 10:30 every night and run my 6 musical sequences with a 10 minute sparkle cleanup inbetween. I also had one shutdown sequence that ran at 10:30 just to say goodnight to anyone watching.

Every 4-5 days the show would only start audio and I had an out of memory notification. (My laptop has 4 Gigs of memory and was dedicated to show control, meaning I had nothing other than standard windows update tasks running along with the S3 scheduler)

It's not a huge thing, because I was able to reset the computer and the shows started normally, but I thought I should let someone know.

I'm really looking forward to expanding my layout this year, helping my son and his cousin do a haunted house with controlled lighting this October, and maybe even getting my hands on some cosmic color ribbons this year.

Ken Toghia

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Hi Ken,
welcome to LOR.. your life will never be the same :D

Have you confirmed that you are running the latest version of S3 (3.1.4)?
There were some memory issues in the previous release.
Sorry if you've already checked this. I've had my show scheduler running for 3 weeks with a rather large show and have not had any memory issues. I am running Windows 7.


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Hi there. Yes I checked that I was on 3.1.4. My first thought was that perhaps I had somehow updated incorrectly so I reinstalled the software. Like I said it didn't happen often but it did happen repeatedly. Thanks for the quick reply.

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