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Okay, so now I am ready to upgrade to S3, right? So I go to the software download page and it tells me to enter the first 5 of my license key to see if I am eligible and apparently I am not.

So I go to try and purchase. I have feature level "advanced" currently. The following options are availab
Basic to Basic Plus
Basic to Standard
Basic to Advanced
Basic Plus to Standard
Basic Plus to Advanced
Standard to Advanced

There is no Advanced to Advanced so I am assuming the $29.95 renewal is the right one?

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License renewal http://store.lightorama.com/sopr.html

However, if you buy a Superstar license, it will also renew you current license. So a 2CCR version costs $46, so it made sense to me to pay the $16 more to get both in case I wanted to play with that at some point (even though no CCRs now). Otherwise you will pay $30 now for S3, and another $45 later if you want Superstar later.

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