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Christmas Eve Sarajevo


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Hello ....

I am looking for the audio track of this song for 2012.

I was on itunes and there are different versions of it and I am not sure which is the original.

If you have it and are willing to share it ... I would appreciate it.

dgeall @ racemedical . com



P.S. I intend on purchasing it once I find the right version.

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Thanks .... Unfortunately I can't by from amazon as I am in Canada but this will at least give me a source for the original version.

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Here is the TSO website and they have a store on the site. When I click the store link it comes to what is obviously the USA store and as you pointed out, you are in Canada so the store is likely different...

You can download MP3s from the store too.

Besides, with the CD way you get an uncompressed version that you can compress (i.e. convert to MP3) at whatever data rate you want to use.

Another option:
I realize that this may seem antique, but you really could go into a music store and actually buy the CD. Might find that are some other neat songs on the CD that you might want to sequence - or, oh my God, actually just listen to it because you enjoy the music.

Or am I showing my age here?

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