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S3 Video walk through?


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Can anyone tell me if there are step by step walk throughs available for S3?

If there are none someone should consider doing it with a voice over, and designed for someone who has never even heard of light sequencing before.
I've looked at a couple of Bob's and while they are excellent I did not see any that are start to finish. I've also been reading the PDF but I think a visual would help me get started much easier.

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Start by watching that tutorial. It's 5 separate videos. The process is pretty much the same for S3.

I did it a little differently. I looked at this video:

Then went back to the LOR sequencer and fixed up the timings. I'm not sure if that method is any easier or better, but it helped me out.
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This is as close as you are going to get:


This is for a previous version of the software but the basics haven't changed. Bob's videos expand on most of the new aspects of S3.

There is no one way to do it, and no 2 displays or sequences are the same, so a "walk through" video would be very difficult to do, since there are so many paths to take. It is just too complex. Maybe once you feel more comfortable with the software you can try to make one though. :)

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