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just wanted to give a shout out, stopped by chuck's display tonight (surfing4dough) , really nice guy. came out in the freezing cold and met me and another LOR buddy of mine. His daughter even gave us candy canes!! SCORE!!

its great to have a place where other crazies like ourselves can meet people with the same interests!! (*thanks LOR fourms!!*)

chuck, thanks again for taking the time, and an extra thanks for making maps to other houses with lights to check out!!

also stopped by steve synek's display, he wasnt home though (lucky for him! LOL) , another nice display! just when i was bummed out that this season was coming to an end, now i have some fire and quite a few ideas in my head for next year!!

thanks guys! and thanks dan and company!!


p.s. and for those of you that followed the other thread, NO I DID NOT STEAL ANYTHING FROM CHUCK'S DISPLAY OR HOUSE!! lol

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