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Mr. Griswold wrote:

I have 10 songs in a show and while going through the show the computer skips select songs? Anyone seen this before? To be exact it is one song only.

Open that song in the sequence editor, and make sure that it can play. Most of the time this indicates that somehow the audio file has been unassociated with the music file. If you click Play in the sequence editor, and you get an error, that's your problem.

If you are moving the shows over to another machine, make sure you copied the audio file over to the show computer.
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Thanks for the response Don, I didn't want to stop show to try that because of viewers but I did go and retrieve a backup disc with the file on it and copied over file on hard drive and reassociated music, seems to have picked it up on this last go around. Not sure what could have happened to the file, haven't done any editing or moving music since Thanksgiving. Gremlins I guess. Thanks again for response and Merry Christmas!

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Also, if you are moving over to a show computer, make sure the relative paths are the same, otherwise you will run into problems.

For example, a sequence created in
c:program fileslorsequences with audio in
c:program filesloraudio

Will work just fine in a directory called

c:showlight-o-ramasequences with audio in

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