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Sad, but heart warming also


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I never really post too much here, but thought I would share this. Sad, but heart warming also.

A person I work with was in a serious car accident. http://beaconnews.ca/blog/2011/12/rcmp-officer-involved-in-serious-crash-near-courtenay/

Our medical is great and will cover it all. The member has family who had to fly down and will be staying in hotel rooms for follow up surgery.

Last night, my wife had an idea, 'lets do a some fund raising to cover the expenses of the family' . Her idea was to invite people by to watch the Christmas lights, enjoy some hot chocolate and goodies. We ended up raising over $1600 in one night. It was very nice to see a community pull together, very nice.

One little boy came up and donated the $5 he had just got from the tooth fairy.....That my friends is giving, and yes, big lump in the throat..

As a note, the member is doing well and will be out of the hospital tomorrow to spend Christmas at home.


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