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Linus Lucy at ChristmasLightShow.com?

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I downloaded a video that the ChristmasLightShow.com folks created of their amazing display and they are using Linus & Lucy. Problem is, it's not the same as the Linus & Lucy that I have on my Charlie Brown Christmas CD. The version on my CD is extremely tame and boring compared to the awesome jazzy version in their video. Anybody know where this can be had/bought?


-Louie in Melbourne FL

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I could not find the video you were referring to on the website. The version I used in my light show is from "A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack" CD. Here is the video if you would like to see it:

The version you were referring to may be from the CD "Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown". That version is done by David Benoit and it does have a more jazzy sound. You can listen to a clip of the song at amazon.com:


I personally like the original version by Vince Guaraldi since that is what I remember growing up listening to.

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