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Only 335 days till lights on 2012, OMG! I've got a lot to do!


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2011 16 channels and 2 ccr's fun and cute, but needs more power!

Tentative 2012
64 channels, 2 ccr's , dmx pixel star to build, dmx pixel pinwheel to build, rgb strips, megaballs, snowflakes, a 20' combo mega spiral tree to build, 3 new controllers and a crapload of rgb channels to sequence.......

Just ordered 3 cases of LEDs, strobes, mega tree supplies, a bunch of rgb stuff from ray wu. ....

I need to quit my job just to get it all done! :cool:

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So that means you are either independently wealthy or your wife will have to
take a second or third job to pay for your addiction if you quit your job! LOL:D

I have the same problem.... my wife won't listen to my suggestions!:?

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