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What in the World!!!!!


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I just upgraded to S3 and now none of my LOR stuff will load. It keeps trying to install something and brings up a DIVX install over and over. I'm not running any video. It is asking me to load a feature in 'Ligt-O-Rama.msi'. When I upgraded it was an .exe file. I am trying reinstall but it won't let me because of whatever issue is going on won't unload from my system. NO SHOW TONIGHT. I am not a happy camper.


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Robin wrote:

Here is a tip for all the newbies out there.
LOR 101: Never upgrade your software during the middle of the season. It CAN wait until lights out time.

+ 10!

Folks there has never been better advice shared on the forum - never, ever make a major software change in the beginning of, or during, show season, no matter how promising the software is.
We see examples every year where something like this happens.
Best of luck on getting it going again quickly JJ!
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