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Looking for a 32 Channel Spiral Tree Fixture or Prop


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Has anyone created a prop (or fixture?) for a 32 channel spiral tree.

I am going to make two of the 7 footers. The one's with RGBW, 32 channels that I have seen several make on the forums here.

I am just starting to get into the visualizer and if someone has already created a file for this, that would be a big help.

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Check with Shannon (cyberfix), he may have one or will let you have a copy of his LOROC, which will help you make one, good luck,


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LOROC is out of beta for the most part or at least I quit running into major bugs. :( If anybody wants it, they can get it from my website listed in my signature.

It helps with various fixtures and props. Just use at your own risk and do not bother the LOR developers with visualizer issues if you use one of the LOROC objects and it creates a problem. I created msot of my fixtures and props with it and had no issues. Good luck!


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