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First year display, promo on TV


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Bryant Lester and I (Ross Marino) just finished our first year of sequencing. 16 channels and 5-10 thousand lights, I think. We used a few free sequences, and purchased a few others. Bryant worked on A Mad Russian.

Since I do a little work with ABC News, I suggested they run a story lights. They featured my home along with others in the area. Wilmington, NC has plenty of great displays, and David Williams created a site with a nice map (http://www.wilmingtonchristmaslights.com).

We included his site in the story, and the site address will also be shown during program transitions. Hopefully we can draw some attention to these beautiful displays in our area.

Thanks to everyone who offers advice on this forum (and others). Bryant and I just heard of Light-o-Rama 30 days ago. We ordered the equipment from WOW Lights and went to work. Need to access this forum more than once to troubleshoot.

The display is all LED. Mostly C6, with ropes on the columns and a few nets on the bushes. Didn't put much thought into the lights at first. Just went to Sam's and loaded the cart...again, and again, and again. Then purchased a few RGB strings from SIM Supply.

Used tomato cages on front steps and side deck. And yes, I thought my wife was brilliant when she brought home a tomato cage from Home Depot, flipped it upside down and said, 'Here's your small tree for $2.88. How's that?" She is awesome, even thought I've learned many people use the cages.

Bryant and I tried to keep the display basic this year. We wanted to learn the software and understand how to layout the lights, cords, etc. Didn't try to go too big. Although I did email Richard Holdman early on and ask if I could use one of his sequences on our dinky 16-channel display. He is a nice guy, and very professional. I just know he had to crack up when he read my email :). I'm still chuckling about it. Newbies....

Now I know about CDI and HLE. No more returning 1 out of 5 rolls to Sam's Club. Learned a lot, and look forward to learning more. Already planning out next year's display. Will add a few more controllers, and more RGB. I enjoy the multis, but prefer solid colors for animation.

May create light stacks on my columns, and thinking about a few more tomato cages. We'll see.
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Awesome first year lightshow. This is my first year and I was amazed at what you were able accomplish in such a short time. The video was so clear what video camera did you use to capture the show?

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There were two of us, which makes a big difference. Bryant and I work together, and have complimenting skill sets.

We used a Sony HDR-CX160. Shooting in HD is nice. We'll reshoot and try turning off the auto-focus. Lost the focus near the end. Shouldn't have that problem with manual focus.

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