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Cables To Use 1st Kit

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I am putting together my first kit for my work. I have 5 LOR1602, however like I said this is the first kit I have put together. It is an 8 channel kit.

For the 8 extension cords can I just use the 3 dollar 15 foot ones from lowes?

For the power cord can I just cut off about 3 feet of a 3 pronged heavy duty extension cord and use it?

Also do I just strip the wires slide them into the little spaces and then tighten down the screws on top?

Logan Moore

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See THIS LINK for lots of pictures of what others have used for the cords.

For the cord supplying power to the controller a 14 Ga power cord is good for 15 Amps and a 12 Ga power cord is good for 20 Amps. See what your cord has listed on it and use the appropriate one for your power demand.

After you strip the cords, use solder to "tin" the ends of the wires.
That keeps the wires together so they don't short out to adjacent connections.

Note: If you use a 12 Ga power cord, don't put a lot of solder on the wires or they will be difficult at best to get into the screw down terminals.

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I have four 16 channel boards. All my plugs were the $1.24 indoor extention cords from Walmart and Home Depot.

I cut all the plugs off(used them for extened cords were needed with zip cord) and inserted the stripped plug tails into the little hole in the terminal. Yes, you tighten down the top screw. MAke sure to tighten it. I was afraid of over tightening, but found my plug ends could wiggle out.

For the actual plug, I used one of the plugs from the cords I cut. I didn't go with a heavy-duty plug because most of my channel/circuits have less than an amp of draw.

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yea i used the brown cords for my 16 channel boxe near my mega tree and did the 14 ga for the power cords. i tinned the wires on that one and it worked great. tinning them dont take too long as long as u have soldered before. my cords coming out are only about 2 foot long. hope that helps a little


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