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an LOR member became a winner


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I am assuming he wanted me to pass this on to EVERYONE because of our help he won his community light contest thanx eveyone who helped me help him "(Gents, Your help babysitting this newbie must not go unnoticed. Tonight when my family and friends were in front of the house admiring the light show, we were approached by a van load of wassailors bearing gifts of dead presidents. The LOR enhanced display took first place in our community.

I will share my gratitude with you much appreciated LOR forum gurus, however I will NOT be sharing the $50 cash prize as visions of vampire plugs dance in my head.

Don came to the rescue this afternoon helping with downloaded sequences that arrived this morning from The King.

Thanks again. Please share our success with the rest of the board as your comfort permits. I'll drop it with this PM and will watch for board recognition for our team.
TY, Mark (Mrforemark)

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