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My first video of the year

Ivan Beaver

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Here is a link to my first video-I'm not a video guy-so forgive my video skills. Yeah I know this song is worn out.

I have 13 songs in the rotation and close to 30,000 lights

120 dimmer channels-50 relay channels and 3 LED strips.
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This one made me smile! Really enjoyed watching it. I must say that is one of the most unique multi-functional mega trees I have see to date. Very versatile I kept saying what else is it going to do? Do you have any up close photos posted? Loved it! Really liked the chase effect down the driveway with the trees. Must be like the old star field screen saver when you drive down your driveway :cool:.

The descending / ascending arches in front of your CCR's were a neat twist as well. Haven seen those. They probably create a really cool effect when you look straight on.


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