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new in this! doubts about sound!

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Hi!, I am writng from México, I am totally new in this stuff... I just received my CTB16DWHS with 16 ch. and I have a simple and maybe fool question... in which place of the card do i have to plug my amplifier so i can hear the music in some speakers??

I know it is simple... buy it is making me nervous...

Please answer me I only have 17 years old and my mom has all her hope in me to achieve this challenge:cool: hehehehe



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Iv never heard of the ctb-16Dwhs. Assuming you have the ctb-16D card or http://store.lightorama.com/ctcotrbowihe.html

Showtime or hobbyist.

You need a computer + the Light-O-Rama software to sequence the lights. You then have three options...

1. Run the shows from your computer live
2. Get an mp3 director
3. Load a small no-music animation directly to the controller

Hope this helps!

--Daniel L

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HI!... what is an mp3 director? sorry about my very very huge ignorance about this, but trust me, I wabt to achieve this big challenge.

Let me see if I am understanding well the things, I can´t have sound if I don´t have the card connected to my pc while the show is happening???


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to get sound you must have your pc connected to the card at all times. The pc procuces the sound and the signal to work the card

the card can run alone, but it will not do sound.

a more expensive card will do sound by itself, but you do nto have it.

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Thank you very much!, now everything is so clear... thanks to everyone!

I hope, this will be ready for tomorrow, everything is done, the display is ready and the sequence also, now i just have to connect the card and configure everything...



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