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I just purchased an CM11A to use with LOR to turn my static displays.

Do I just plug it in and use it? Or do I need to install a driver or something from X10?

My thought is that it is serial so it should just work.

I started playing around with the Active Home Pro software with the new USB CM15A module. Typical X10 - problems witht the USB driver and terriable support.

At first I thought USB would be a better way to go. Now I'm not so sure, (driver issues).

I'm now beginging to think serial is a better way to go. I hope Don continues to supprot serial in the next ver for this very reason.

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What I did was shut down my computer, attach my CM11A to the serial port and plug it into the powerline. Then I booted up the computer and Light-O-Rama. Then I used the hardware utility to see which com port it was on. After that I transmitted a few commands just to make sure it was working, and it was. Basically all you have to do is configure the channles in the sequence with the appropiate address.

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