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Status LED light not on

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OK, last night one of my controllers (#6) popped a fuse. So it wasnt working at all. However the controller next to it (#5) lost its status LED. At first I kept checking my breakers gfci's and extension cords because with both LED's not on I thought it had to be that. However I reset the gfci's and plugged #5 back in and it worked fine #6 didn't thou. So i changed the fuse in #6 and its working perfect now. However #5 is working but the status LED light on the inside is not.

I unplugged the controller over night and just plugged it back in and still no LED. Just checked to make sure the controller is working and all channels are lighting up just fine.

Any ideas?

Oh, I did try changing both fuses on controller #5, so thats not it.

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