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I have set up a "main show" with 2 musical sequences and an "in between show" with an animated sequence. The 2 main show sequences last a total of 7min 15 seconds. I have set up a weekly schedule where the “main show” runs at the top and bottom of each hour. I set the show to run for 7 min, 20 seconds. I then set up another show with the” in between” to run until the next "main show" runs. For example: main show runs 6:00:00 - 6:07:15. Then the “in between” show (starts 5 seconds later) runs 6:07:20 - 6:29:55. The “main show” starts again and so on.

The problem is that the "main show" runs the sequences through twice each time rather than once. They are entered into the show file only once. After the “main show” runs its sequences twice, then the “in between” comes on as it should…just 7 minutes, 20 seconds late. The main show then starts on time at the top or bottom of the hour as it should.

Is the 5 second buffer I have between the "main show" and the "in between show" causing the main show to start again? Any ideas? I only want my sequences to run one time each cycle of the "main show".

Thanks for any advice.


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You actually want to schedule the main show for less time than it is. When the time comes for the next show, LOR finished the sequence it was playing and goes to the next show. So you should have the show run for 7:10, otherwise LOR will play the first sequence again to fill in the extra 5 seconds. Hope that helps.

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I read that lor will play another show when if their is any time left even one second.


your show is 12 mins long and you want it to turn off at 10:00pm.

A show ends at 9:59:55 , it would play the 12 min show again and turn off at 10:11:55

Kinda slightly diffrent than what you have going on, but I think the programing would treat your 5 second gap the same way.

(remember im a newb, so dont trust me too much... but I have read the lor doscumantation several times in the last few days.)

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