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SS Export not activating all channels in sequence

Jeff Kesler

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After 3 years of S2 software and LOR hardware, this is my first year with SS and 11 CCRs. I can't get the export to turn on the same channels in the sequence as expected.
I have triple checked the channel settings but still there is something going on. Can you take a look at the attached files (zipped) and give me some insight? Even in the sequence a few of the channel names are changing after import of the SS seq. Not sure where the name is coming from.
What is the best workflow for channel assignments for SS?
Setup in S3, create visualization then import that into SS?
Thanks for any help.

Attached files keslertestfiles.zip

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Sorry it has taken me 6 days to respond to this. I confused it with another posting that I had answered. Normally I reply within a day.
Thank you for attaching all the necessary file, you knew exactly what I needed.
I took a look at the visualization file, the .sup file, and the exported .las file. They all looked good as far as I could see. But I am open to feedback on how it is currently working. Currently it exports channels in the following order and uses the following rules:
1) It sorts by Unit ID and then by channel
2) For each Unit ID, it lists all channels up to the last channel that is used in the visualization. If there are channels within that range that are unused, it lists them also.
For example, in your visualization Unit ID 01 uses the following channels: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9
So the exported file contains channels 1-9 (channel 6 is not used, but it gets exported as well)

I could list all the channels up to channel 16 regardless of if they are used or not, is that what you would prefer?

As for the names, each fixture has a name and each channel has a name. Upon export it uses the name of the channel. In your visualization, each fixture has only one channel assigned, but it is possible to have many channels assigned to a fixture. So that is why I use the channel name and not the fixture name. However, I realize I could use both and appeand them together, but I chose not to do that because the name would be very long. But perhaps I should at leas have an option to include both names if you choose to do so.

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